Are YOU ready to RECORD?

Hi! I'm Buddy. Welcome to my website. I'm here to serve your recording needs. I offer complete production packages and songwriter demo services here in Nashville on Music Row. Whether you are producing your album one song at a time or you're prepared to track an entire record, I will accomodate your needs.

Do you have your own songs?

If so, great. If not, no problem. Nashville is home to the world's greatest songwriters. In my 25 years in the business, I've established great personal relationships with nearly all of Nashville's TOP HIT songwriters. Many writers are glad to let you cut their songs on your record - provided they know the production will be great.

How much will it cost?

There are standard scales for musicians and engineers. But as you know, every project is different. Your "sound" will determine how many musicians we'll use for the album and affect the cost of the project. If you're just needing one song at a time, jump in on one of our weekly sessions and pay one flat rate. CALL ME TODAY to get in this week (615) 419-7111

Who uses our services?

Aspiring artists, established artists, singer/songwrtiers and of course, other producers. My studio team consists of Nashville's TOP studio musicians and engineers. My long-term relationships with nearly every studio in Nashville allows us to track any week day. Every week we host a songwriters' tracking session night. This is an opportunity for songwriters to record as few or as many songs as they have booked. This is a very "pocket book" friendly way to cut your song demos.

As I stated, every person will have his or her own personal recording needs. Let me take the time to hear your music and what you would like to accomplish with it and we'll work up a budget.
(615) 419-7111